Experimental Investigation of the Mixed Convection of a Gas in a Rectangular Enclosure with a Local Heat Source and Heat Removal at the Outer Boundaries

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The mixed convection of a gas in a parallelepiped with heat conducting walls and a local source of energy at its lower side was investigated experimentally. Local temperatures and velocities of the gas flow at different intensities of its convection in this parallelepiped, characterizing the main mechanisms of the mixed convection of a gas in such a close space, were determined. The results of experimental investigations were compared with corresponding calculation data and were in good agreement with them, which allowed the conclusion that the experimental procedure based on the thermocouple measurements and the use of PIV methods is applicable for analysis of the regimes of flow of a heat-conducting viscous gas. Experiments have shown that the approach developed for the experimental investigation of the mixed convection of a gas in a rectangular enclosure with heat-conducting walls and a local source of energy can be used in fairly wide ranges of change in the main parameters of the gas flow and in the conditions of supply of energy to it.

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JournalJournal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics
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  • convective heat exchange
  • heat generation
  • heat removal
  • mixed convection
  • thermocouple

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