Evaluation of manganese dimercaptosuccinate (mn-dmsa) complex as contrast agent for paramagnetic enhancement in mri studies of malignant fibroepithelial tumors in animals

W. Yu Ussov, M. L. Belyanin, A. Yu Kovalenko, A. I. Bezlepkin, V. D. Filimonov, N. L. Shimanovsky

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Purpose. To develop a Mn-based paramagneTic conTrasT agenT for imaging of Tumor processes, employing avidiTy of dimercapTosuccinic acid (DMSA) To various neopro-liferaTive sTrucTures, and for This aim we TesTed The paramagneTic complex Mn-DMSA in animals wiTh fibrooseous nasal Tumors. MaTerials and MeThods. Complex Mn-DMSA was obTained using nanopowder Tech-nology from manganese (II) carbonaTe and dimercapTosuccinic acid mixed TogeTher wiTh ad-diTion of Trace amounTs of waTer, and Then dissolved in buffered saline, delivering finally The 0,5M soluTion of Mn-DMSA aT pH=6,5. The Mn-DMSA was injecTed inTravenously slowly To sleeping animals (7 caTs and 2 dogs, all veTerinary paTienTs, wiTh fibroepiThelial nasopharin-geal Tumors), as much as 0,05 ml of 0,5M soluTion per Kg of BW. MRI scanning in T1-weighTed spin-echo mode has been carried ouT wiTh TR = 500 ms and TE = 15 ms, in sagiT-Tal, axial and fronTal slices as Thin as 2-2,5 mm, To The maTrix 256×256, wiTh The field of view noT larger Than 200 × 200 mm. The upTake was reporTed visually as change in inTensiTy of T1-w MRI scans and quanTiTaTively, wiTh calculaTing for The T1-w MRI images The index of enhancemenT (IE) of inTensiTy per voxel, as : IE=(MeanInT of T1-w.MRI)Mn-DMSA / (MeanInT of T1-w.MRI)pre-conTrasT. ResulTs. The R1 relaxiviTy of Mn-DMSA was obTained as 3,2 1/(s∗mM). Visually on whole-body T1-w. SE scans The Mn-DMSA induced increase of inTensiTy of The Tumor, mosT prominenT in The peripheral areas of Tumor and less inTense over The cenTral non-perfused areas. The values of The IE were over 1,29 (IE=1,62 ± 0,12) for all peripheral parTs of Tumors , whereas only 1,23 ± 0,08 in cenTral regiones. The normal musculoskeleTal Tissues did noT enhance afTer Mn-DMSA injecTion, wiTh IE = 1,07 ± 0,03. The upTake kblood-Tissue con-sTanTs were as liTTle as < 0,12 ml/min/100 g for non-Tumor Tissues and over 0,24 ml/min/100 g in vascularised regions of Tumors, wiTh slow back diffusion and kTissue-blood < 0,04 ml/min/100 g. Conclusion. ParamagneTic complex Mn-DMSA provides obvious inTense enhance-menT of musculoskeleTal Tumors in T1-SE MRI, demonsTraTes inTermediaTe relaxiviTy R1, iT is non-Toxic and makes possible To image Tumor processes in animals. The Mn-DMSA complex can be suggesTed as basic molecule for design of Mn paramagneTic agenT for Tumor imaging.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)108-116
Number of pages9
JournalRussian Electronic Journal of Radiology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2017


  • Mn-dimercaptosuccinate
  • Mn-DMSA
  • MRI
  • Nasopharyngeal tumors
  • Paramagnetic contrast enhancement

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  • Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging

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