Electroproduction of lightest nucleon resonances up to Q∗2=12 GeV∗2 in quark models at light front

Igor T. Obukhovsky, A Faessler, TH Gutsche, D. K. Fedorov, V. E. Lyubovitskij

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The lightest nucleon resonances are described at light front as mixed states of the 3q cluster ("quark core") possessing a definite value of the inner orbital momentum L = 0,1 and a hadron molecular state, N+σ or Λ+K. Helicity amplitudes of the resonance electroproduction off the proton are calculated at large Q2 up to 12 GeV2 and compared to the last CLAS data. At this basis we have estimated the probability of quark core in lightest nucleon resonances and predicted the high Q2 behaviour of the resonance electrocoupling.

Original languageEnglish
Article number04003
JournalEPJ Web of Conference
Publication statusPublished - 27 Mar 2017
Event23rd International Baldin Seminar on High Energy Physics Problems Relativistic Nuclear Physics and Quantum Chromodynamics, Baldin ISHEPP 2016 - Dubna, Russian Federation
Duration: 19 Sep 201624 Sep 2016


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