Effects of matrix composition and Eu05"1" concentration on luminescence properties of phosphate glass

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The effect of Li20 and ZnO content and Eu3+ ion concentration in the glass composition on the decay of luminescence was investigated in phosphate glasses of composition P2O5-Li20-ZnO. The emission was excited by high-current electron beam ofnanosecond duration with an electron energy of 200 eV. It was found that in the range of 0.5-3 wt% Eu203 the decay time depends weakly on europium ion concentration. The increase of ZnO (with parallel reduction of Li20) leads to a shortening of the luminescence kinetics in the bands at 592 and 614 nm of 2.1 to 1.5 ms. This is due to the symmetry reduction of the Eu3+ ion environment. The stage of buildup with duration of some microseconds in the kinetics of the luminescence peak at 614 nm was observed.

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