Effect of the Li2O: ZnO ratio on the kinetics of cathode luminescence and optical properties of phosphate glass activated by Dy 3+

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Synthesis of glass system with the composition (mol. %) 50P 2O5-(50 - x)Li2O - xZnO + 5 wt % Dy 2O3 has been described. IR absorption spectra and the kinetics of cathodeluminescence at x ranges from 0 up to 50 has been investigated. With the replacement of Li by Zn, a decrease of the oxygen ions' packing density and the average phosphate chain length could be observed. The increase of the ZnO quantity in the glass composition results in the luminescence decay time decreased from 240 to 50 μs in the 481 and 573 nm bands: here, the branching coefficient for the 4F9/2 energy level undergoes changes. The luminescence kinetics are well described by the Inokyti-Hiroyama model for the dipole-dipole mechanism.

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JournalGlass Physics and Chemistry
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014



  • decay kinetics
  • dysprosium ion
  • excitation energy transfer
  • luminescence
  • oxygen packing density
  • phosphate chain length
  • phosphate glass

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