Effect of heat treatment on corrosion of laser-textured aluminum alloy surfaces

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The kinetics of electrochemical corrosion of aluminum alloy (AlMg6) surfaces with different wettability was analyzed. The surfaces were processed by three different methods, in particular, polishing, laser texturing, the combination of laser texturing and low-temperature heating. After laser processing, the dimple-like texture was formed on the surface, and the wettability significantly enhanced. Low-temperature heating of laser-textured AlMg6 alloy surfaces led to the wettability inversion from strongly hydrophilicity to superhydrophobicity. Microscopic and profilometric methods were used to estimate the surface degradation due to corrosion when aggressive solution droplets (a mixture of NaCl and hydrogen peroxide aqueous solutions) evaporated. The potentiodynamic polarization measurements of AlMg6 alloy surfaces were conducted. The typical modes of corrosion and evaporation of aggressive solution droplets were detected. The kinetics of corrosion was estimated by the behavior of the corrosion area evolution. In addition, when immersing laser-textured sample with strongly hydrophilic properties into aggressive solution, the higher corrosion rate was found in the liquid meniscus region (aggressive mixture / alloy / air interface) compared to the textured site immersed in the mixture. This was explained by convection increasing the rate of reaction products removal and promoting a stronger deviation from the equilibrium state in the aggressive mixture. Experimental results of the potentiodynamic polarization measurements revealed that laser-textured samples exhibit enhanced corrosion protective properties compared to polished samples. Graphical abstract: [Figure not available: see fulltext.].

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JournalJournal of Materials Science
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Publication statusPublished - Aug 2021

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