Dynamics of destruction of epoxy composites filled with ultra-dispersed diamond under impact conditions

A. V. Buketov, O. O. Sapronov, M. V. Brailo, P. Maruschak, S. V. Yakushchenko, S. V. Panin, V. D. Nigalatiy

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Dynamics of destruction of epoxy composites with different contents of nanoparticles of ultra-dispersed diamond is investigated. Epoxy diane oligomer ED-20 was employed as the basic bonding agent in composite formation. It is characterized by its ability of providing high adhesion and cohesive strengths, easy processibility, as well as low coating shrinkage on deposition onto long-length surfaces of complex profile parts. Polyethylene polyamine (PEPA) was used for cross-linking of the epoxy composites, which made it possible to carry out the curing process at room temperature. Formation of interfacial bonds ⟨⟨polymer-filler⟩⟩ due to the improved chemical activity of dispersed particles surface is determined by the method of IR-spectral analysis. The nanoparticles introduction into epoxy binder of an optimal content of q = 0.025 to 0.075 pts.wt. allows to increase the impact resilience 2 times relative to the epoxy matrix. Speed of crack propagation in specimens in time to materials destruction on pendulum is found. Fracture surface of nanocomposite materials is investigated by method of optical and electron microscopy. Based on the analysis of REM image of nanocomposite destruction surface, materials with an ordered structure are found. That allows to state about thermodynamic equilibrium in systems after cross-linking action and about stability of their mechanical strength during the operation process.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)725-733
Number of pages9
JournalMechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2020


  • crack propagation
  • destruction surface
  • epoxy composite
  • IR-spectral analysis
  • Ultra-dispersed diamond

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