V. R. Kukhta, E. I. Logachev, V. V. Lopatin, G. E. Remnev, V. I. Tsvetkov, V. P. Chernenko

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The characteristics are described of gas-filled three-electrode spark gaps at a voltage of 10-100 kV that are controlled by changing the potential of an additional electrode. An operating region of the spark gaps of up to 50% is obtained for a trigger delay time t//d greater than equivalent to 15 nsec and a spread of up to 1. 5 nsec. The results are presented of a study of the dependence of t//d on the gas pressure, the field strength and the gap magnitude. A model is described of a generator of voltage pulses of up to 500 kV and a rise time of 10 nsec.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInstrum Exp Tech
Number of pages4
Edition6 pt 1
Publication statusPublished - Nov 1976

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    Kukhta, V. R., Logachev, E. I., Lopatin, V. V., Remnev, G. E., Tsvetkov, V. I., & Chernenko, V. P. (1976). CONTROLLED SPARK GAPS FOR HIGH-VOLTAGE PULSE GENERATORS. In Instrum Exp Tech (6 pt 1 ed., Vol. 19, pp. 1670-1673)