Characteristics of the ignition of the drops of organic coal–water fuels based on waste oils and industrial oils

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For expanding raw-material and energy supply sources in large- and small-scale power engineering, organic coal–water fuels (OCWFs) based on typical waste coal (the filter cake of K coal) and automobile and turbine oils with a weight concentration of 10% were prepared. The delay times of ignition and complete combustion, the minimum temperatures of ignition, and the maximum temperatures of combustion were determined for the OCWF drops of different compositions. It was shown that the ignition characteristics of the OCWF compositions based on oils before and after of base service differed insignificantly. The experimental results demonstrated that it is reasonable to use a wide group of industrial and automobile oils with different service life periods as the components of OCWFs.

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JournalSolid Fuel Chemistry
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Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2017


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