Binuclear iron(III) phthalocyanine(μ-oxodimer)-catalyzed oxygenation of aromatic hydrocarbons with iodosylbenzene sulfate and iodosylbenzene as the oxidants

Heather M. Neu, Mekhman S. Yusubov, Viktor Vladimirovich Zhdankin, Victor N. Nemykin

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Two binuclear iron(III) phthalocyanine-(μ-oxodimer) complexes were tested in catalytic oxygenation reactions of several aromatic hydrocarbons using iodosylbenzene (PhIO)n or oligomeric iodosylbenzene sulfate [(PhIO)3SO3]n as the oxidants. Results of this study demonstrate that [(PhIO)3SO3]n is the most reactive oxygenating reagent that can be used as a safe and convenient alternative to the thermally unstable and potentially explosive iodosylbenzene. The pyridine-containing binuclear μ-oxobis-{iron(III)-pyridino[3,4]-9(10), 16(17),23(24)-tri-tertbutyltribenzoporphyrazine} is significantly more active as compared to the traditional μ-oxobis[iron-(III)-2,9(10),16(17),23(24)-tetra- tert-butylphthalocyanine].

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3168-3174
Number of pages7
JournalAdvanced Synthesis and Catalysis
Issue number18
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2009



  • Iodine
  • Iodosylbenzene
  • Iodosylbenzene sulfate
  • Iron phthalocyanine μ-oxodimer
  • Oxygenation

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