Asymmetry in generation of near-surface X-rays by 33MeV electrons at grazing interaction with a thin Si plate in magnetic field

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Recently observed effect of an asymmetry in X-ray generation by 33. MeV electrons in a 50. μm Si plate oriented along an internal beam of a betatron is described. The evolution of angular patterns formed by the X-rays generated in the Si plate having a length of 4. mm along the electron beam direction, when changing the plate orientation relative to the electron beam, is presented. The experimental results showed for the first time preferential generation of X-rays on the Si plate surface, which was external with respect to the center of the accelerator. At grazing incidence of electrons on this surface the radiation was emitted along the Si plate surface in the cone, which was several times narrower than the cone of ordinary bremsstrahlung emitted along electron beam direction. At grazing interaction of electrons with the internal Si plate surface facing towards the center of the accelerator, the generation of the near-surface radiation was not observed. It is supposed that the presence of the magnetic field of accelerator is decisive for the formation of the observed effect of asymmetry in X-ray generation by electrons in the long Si plate because of possible realization on external plate surface a "magneto-crystalline undulator" regime of near-surface electron motion.



  • Crystalline undulator
  • Fast electrons
  • Si crystal
  • X-ray generation

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