Analysis and properties of the bacterial clone containing the fragment of the L-chain immunoglobulin gene

S. M. Deyev, S. A. Chuvpilo, A. V. Karlyshev

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    Restriction analysis of hybrid plasmids from a number of clones allowed screening out the plasmid p8-1. A detailed analysis of this plasmid and that of the inserted DNA was made using HhaII, AluI, Sau96I, Sau3A, MspI and BspI restriction endonucleases. The results demonstrated that the inserted DNA corresponds to the 3'-nontranslated region and to a portion of the C fragment of the light-chain immunoglobulin gene. Establishing the partial structure of the recombinant plasmid exhibited a complete coincidence of the inserted DNA 3'-terminus and the primary structure of the light-chain mRNA synthesized by MOPC-21 myeloma cells. This sequence corresponds to the amino acid sequence in the light-chain constant region (207-214 residues). The analysis of p8-1 plasmid showed that nucleotides of pBR322 plasmid at positions from 376 to 618 were deleted. The deletion might be predetermined by the plasmid property being amplified more readily than all the other hybrid plasmids which were not deleted.

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    Publication statusPublished - 1982


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