Acceleration of ions by colliding magnetosonic shock waves in an inhomogeneous plasma

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Results are presented from numerical calculations of the energy distribution of plasma ions accelerated by an electrostatic-field pulse arising in the collision of two magnetosonic shock waves. In an inhomogeneous plasma, this pulse propagates with an increasing velocity. It is shown that the initial ion energy spectrum transforms into a spectrum characterized by the presence of three groups of particles accelerated in differ-ent regimes. Based on the calculated spectra, the influence of the density, the magnetic Mach number, and the initial conditions for the formation of the wave front on the structure of the energy spectrum of accelerated ions is analyzed. It is found that, in the model used, two beams of accelerated ions propagating along the magnetic field in opposite directions can be generated in an inhomogeneous plasma. The results obtained are compared with the experiment.

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JournalPlasma Physics Reports
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - May 1999

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