A study on solar thermal technologies and resources with an emphasis on solar power in Iraq

Karrar Hameed Kadhim, Boris Lukutin

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This study presents the prospects for renewable energy in Iraq to organize strenuous solar power knowledge to maintain power production in Iraq. Iraq has not yet fully used solar energy. This solar energy can play an important role in Iraq's power manufacture because the global average daily radiation is 2000 kWh / m2 to 2500 kWh / m2. Also, the research report introduced limited solar energy activities in Iraq. It also introduced the Iraqi government's attempt to use solar power. Two methods of using concerted solar energy have a project to sustain presented thermal power creation. They can be implemented as independent power plants or included with thermal power plants. Though, cost examination shows that the cost of Iraq's 50 kW of concentrated solar energy production, if not integrated with energy storage, is around 0.23 cent/kWh. Besides, significant barriers limiting the use of solar energy were converse. To conclude, this study proposition measures that the Iraqi government can take to sustain the use of renewable power in common or solar energy in exacting. Some restrictions limit the use of photovoltaic power plants, and the most important of these is the high cost of its apparatus. The mutual heat or power system (CHP) consisting of a flat plate solar antenna linked to a hot water storage tank is one way to store electrical and thermal energy together. The article topic is connected to improving the independent PV power plant's technical and economic characteristics using solar energy in electrochemical batteries and heat storage. This method is effective if there is a need to supply electrical and thermal energy and obtain an economic impact by improving the storage system's technical and economic indicators. This topic should introduce and discuss systems' background and development and provide the basic concept of a solar and thermal energy storage arrangement.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1811-1875
Number of pages65
JournalJournal of Green Engineering
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Concentrated solar energy
  • Iraq's renewable energy
  • Iraq's solar energy
  • Iraqi electricity
  • Iraqi electricity scenario
  • Solar thermal energy

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  • Environmental Engineering

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