A general and convenient preparation of [Bis(trifluoroacetoxy)iodo] perfluoroalkanes and [Bis(trifluoroacetoxy)iodo] arenes by oxidation of organic iodides using Oxone and trifluoroacetic acid

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"Chemical Equation Presented" [Bis(trifiuoroacetoxy)iodo] perfiuoroalkanes CnF2n+1I(OC-OCF3)2 (n = 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) can be conveniently prepared by the oxidation of the corresponding perfluoroalkyl iodides with Oxone in trifluoroacetic acid at room temperature and subsequently converted to the stable [hydroxy(tosyloxy)-iodo] perfluoroalkanes, CnF2n+1I(OH)OTs, by treatment with p-toluenesulfonic acid. This general and convenient procedure has been further extended to the synthesis of various [bis(trifluoroacetoxy)iodo]arenes, ArI(OCOCF3)2.

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JournalJournal of Organic Chemistry
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Publication statusPublished - 19 Mar 2010


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